For over two decades and through multiple market cycles, we have assisted our clients in raising $125 billion of equity.

We have successfully marketed an exceptionally broad range of strategies: buyouts, credit, distressed securities, energy, growth capital, infrastructure, natural resources, real estate, secondaries, special situations and venture capital, among others.

Through consecutive fundraises, Monument Group was instrumental in helping us diversify and expand our investor group beyond Latin America. In the 'off cycle' they have been a constant source of support for our effort to stay close to investors.
Tim Purcell, Managing Partner, Linzor Capital Partner, Latin America
Cerberus Capital Management

Cerberus Institutional Partners (Series Three) and Cerberus Institutional Partners (Americas) (Series 2)

Cerberus Institutional Partners (Series Three) and Cerberus Institutional Partners (Americas) (Series 2)
$2,000,000,000 July 2004 Distressed Global Details
Aldrich Capital Partners Fund II
Alta Communications IX
Altor Fund V
Altor Fund IV
Altor Fund III
Altor Fund II
Altor 2003 Fund
AG III Series Funds
BAI Capital Fund I
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners VII
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners VI
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners V
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners IV
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners III
Beacon Capital Strategic Partners II
Berkshire Multifamily Value Fund II
Bluehouse Accession Property III
Brera Capital Partners Fund I
Capital Resource Partners V
Capital Resource Partners IV
Capital Resource Lenders III
Castik Capital EPIC I-b
Castik Capital EPIC II
Cerberus Institutional Partners VI
Cerberus Institutional Partners V
Cerberus Institutional Partners International (Series One)
Cerberus Institutional Partners (Series Four)
Cerberus Institutional Partners (Series Three) and Cerberus Institutional Partners (Americas) (Series 2)
Cerberus Institutional Partners (Series Two) and Cerberus Institutional Partners (Americas)
Cerberus Institutional Partners and Cerberus Asia Partners
Charlesbank Credit Dislocation Overage Fund
Charlesbank Credit Opportunities Fund II
Chase Capital Partners Asia
CI Capital Investors III
Clayton Dubilier & Rice Fund V
Consonance Private Equity II
Consonance Private Equity
Crescent Capital Partners VI
Crescent Capital Partners V
Crescent Capital Partners IV
DPE Deutschland III
DPE Deutschland II
Dune Real Estate Fund III
Dune Real Estate Fund II
Ecosystem Investment Partners Fund IV
Ecosystem Investment Partners III
Ecosystem Investment Partners II
Halpern Denny Fund III
Halpern Denny Fund II
Hg Capital MUST4
HighBrook Property Fund IV
Hildred Equity Partners Fund II
Impilo Pool II
Lakestar II
Lime Rock Partners IV
Lime Rock Partners III
Lime Rock Partners II
Lime Rock Resources III
Lime Rock Resources I
Linzor Capital Partners III
Linzor Capital Partners II
Long Ridge Equity Partners III
M/C Partners VIII
Madison Dearborn Capital Partners V
Maison Capital Fund III
Monitor Clipper Equity Partners III
Monitor Clipper Equity Partners II
Monitor Clipper Equity Partners
OCM Real Estate Opportunities Funds A&B
OCM Principal Opportunities Fund
OCM Special Opportunities Fund
OpCapita Consumer Opportunities Fund II, L.P.
PacVen Walden Ventures VI
PacVen Walden Ventures V
Walden VC II
PacVen Walden Ventures IV
Palladium Equity Partners II
Patron Capital IV
Patron Capital III
Patron Capital Partners II
Phoenix Asia Real Estate Investments VI
Phoenix Asia Real Estate Investments V
Phoenix Asia Real Estate Investments IV
Quadrangle Capital Partners II
Quadrangle Capital Partners
Silversmith Capital Partners Fund III
Silversmith Capital Partners II
Silversmith Capital Partners I
Sunrise Capital IV
Sunrise Capital III
Thompson Street Capital Partners II
Unicorn Partners Fund IV
Unicorn Capital Partners Fund III
Unicorn Partners Fund II
Union Capital Fund III
Union Capital Fund II
Vestar Capital Partners Fund VII
Vestar Capital Partners VI
Vestar Capital Partners V
Vestar Capital Partners IV
Vestar Capital Partners III
Vitruvian Investment Partnership IV
Vitruvian Investment Partnership III
Vitruvian Investment Partnership I
Waud Capital Partners IV
Waud Capital Partners III
Weston Presidio V
Weston Presidio Capital IV
Weston Presidio III
Weston Presidio II